Sikandrabad UPSIDC Industrial Area (GPS MAP)

Sikandrabad Industries Uttar Pradesh

The city is famous for the milk production, cold storage and pipe factories.

Sikandrabad is a big industrial area developed by UPSIDC.

It has a large number of national and multinational companies working here successfully.

The long list of companies include Shiv Shakti Textile, Vishal Pipes Limited, Kajaria Ceramics, Orient Tiles, Berger Paints India Ltd, Shalimar Paints Ltd,Santosh Overseas Ltd, AB Mauri India (yeast plant), Sudev Industries Ltd, Indian Potash Ltd, Gopal Corporation Ltd, Agrimas Chemicals Ltd, UP Twiga Ltd, NFC Chemicals Ltd, Ujala Industries, Suraj Vanaspati Ltd, Avery Cycle Industries Ltd, Coco Foam Industries, Super Fort Insecticies Ltd, Bharti Minerals Ltd, Jai Prakash Associates, Fedders Lloyd Corporation Ltd. and many other companies.

  • Prime Agricultural Cum Commercial/ Industrial Land for Sale 25000 Yards (25 Bigha) Near Luharli Toll Plaza Sikandrabad

     Prime Agricultural Cum Commercial/ Industrial Land for Sale: 25000 Yards (25 Bigha) Near Luharli Toll Plaza

    Are you looking for a lucrative investment opportunity in the heart of Uttar Pradesh? Look no further! We present to you 25000 Yard (25 bigha) of prime agricultural cum Commercial land, strategically located near the bustling Luharli Toll Plaza on the GT Road in Sikandrabad.

    Certainly! 25000 Yard (25 bigha) of corner industrial land expandable 125000 Yards Approx (100 Bigha) near the Luharli Toll Plaza on the GT Road in Sikandrabad presents an exciting opportunity for various purposes. Let’s explore how this land can be optimally utilized:

     Best Use :

     Industrial Development:

      • With its strategic location near the toll plaza, this land is ideal for industrial ventures.
      • Consider setting up factories, warehouses, or manufacturing units. The corner location provides excellent accessibility and visibility.
    1. Logistics Hub:

      • Given its proximity to the GT Road and the toll plaza, this land can serve as a logistics hub.
      • Develop storage facilities, distribution centers, or transport depots to cater to the region’s transportation needs.
    2. Commercial Complex:

      • Utilize the corner advantage to create a commercial complex.
      • Build showrooms, retail spaces, or offices to attract businesses and customers.
    3. Real Estate Investment:

      • As the area develops, real estate values tend to appreciate.
      • Consider holding the land as an investment and selling it later at a higher price.
    4. Mixed-Use Development:

      • Combine industrial, commercial, and residential elements.
      • Create a vibrant space that caters to various needs.

    For specific details, pricing, and site visits, please contact us at [9810877866]. This corner industrial land offers immense potential—act swiftly to secure this valuable asset! 🏭🌇🌳

    Investment and Resale:

    Acquiring land near major highways often proves to be a smart investment.

      • You can hold the land for some time and sell it later when property prices rise.

    Remember to conduct a feasibility study, consider local regulations, and consult with experts before finalizing any plans. For more details or to schedule a site visit, feel free to contact us at [9810877866]. Happy land exploration! 🌱🏢🌳


     Property Details:

    • Location: Kot Dadri, Nahar Sikandrabad, GT Road (Near Luharli Toll Plaza)
    • Plot Area: 25000 Yards (25 Bigha) expandable 125000 Yards Approx (100 Bigha)
    • Status: Ready to move
    • Price: Contact us for details


    Why Invest in This Land?

    1. Strategic Location: The land is situated right off the GT Road, making it easily accessible for transportation and logistics. Whether you plan to cultivate crops, set up a farm, or explore commercial possibilities, this location offers immense potential.

    2. Proximity to Luharli Toll Plaza: The nearby Luharli Toll Plaza ensures excellent connectivity to major cities and towns. It’s a boon for traders, investors, and anyone seeking to capitalize on the region’s growth.

    3. Fertile Soil: The land boasts fertile soil, ideal for various agricultural activities. Whether you envision a fruit orchard, vegetable cultivation, or dairy farming, this property provides a fertile canvas.

    4. Investment Value: With the ongoing development in the area, property values are expected to appreciate significantly. Secure your investment now and reap the benefits in the future. 


    Contact Details:

    For more information or to schedule a site visit, please call [9810877866]. Our team will be happy to assist you.

    Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity! Invest in the future with this 6 bigha land near Luharli Toll Plaza. Act now, and watch your investment grow.

    For location reference, you can explore the area on Google Maps. Additionally, if you need toll plaza details, the Luharli Toll Plaza is located at Km 47.500 on NH-91 in Uttar Pradesh2.

    Please note that the price and availability are subject to change, so it’s advisable to contact us promptly. Happy investing! 🌱🏞️


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